Vision of Comunidad

Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency, and Connection to Nature

At Comunidad.World, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and harmonious community nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica. Co-founded and led by Scott Steedley, President of International Center for Sustainability, Inc., our mission is to offer experiences in land sales and ecotourism that embrace principles of sustainability, self-sufficiency, regenerative culture and oneness with nature.

Tree in Costa RicaScott, with extensive knowledge and experience in the area, and in partnership with his father, carefully selected a stunning 111-acre property which sits between two magnificent rivers and overlooks Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica's first National Park. This prime location offers a unique opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this region.

At Comunidad.World, we believe challenges and problems are a matter of mindset. We dedicate shifting our focus towards solutions and understanding. Many of the challenges we face are often self-created through imbalances in our mental, emotional, or physical well-being. Becoming more aware of our actions and consciously directing our energy, we can positively shape the world around us.

Join Our Community

Joining our community, you have an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in a high-end, off-grid, energy-independent, and self-sustaining project. Our members share a common vision and determination to see it realized. We strive to create a reasonable-scale community where each person maintains their privacy and individuality and finds harmony and friendship within the collective.

Our property, adjacent to the Cabo Blanco Reserve, boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and an unparalleled, vibrant jungle ecosystem. Seventy percent of the land is preserved for all to enjoy through well-designed trail systems, allowing everyone to be within nature's embrace. The property serves as a nature preserve, a unique community and a classroom of sorts, offering everyone the opportunity to learn and grow from the rich experience this place provides.


At Comunidad.World, we are excited to offer 7-10 day ecotourism packages with extended stay possibilities which combine adventure, education, conservation and relaxation. Whether you're interested in exploring diverse flora and fauna, engaging in sustainable practices, or simply finding solace in the tranquility of this unique location, our ecotourism experiences have something for everyone.

Costa Rica SunsetAdditionally, as you're captivated by the beauty and serenity of our community space, we offer opportunities to purchase land in this remarkable setting. With our land sales, you can become a part of the Comunidad.World vision and create your own sustainable haven in Costa Rica.

Join us on an extraordinary journey of living, self-discovery, and connection to nature. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of a community that values harmony, friendship, and a positive impact. Together, we can shape a better world.

Welcome to Comunidad.World, where dreams of a regenerative future become a reality.

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