we are dedicated to promoting environmental education based on permaculture ethics and principles.

Welcome to Comunidad, your gateway to the world of permaculture in the heart of Costa Rica.

Permaculture, a system of agricultural and social design principles, allows us to simulate and utilize the patterns and features found in natural ecosystems. It encompasses various branches, including ecological design, environmental engineering, sustainable architecture, and regenerative agricultural systems.

By integrating water resources management and developing self-sustaining habitats, we create a harmonious and regenerative environment inspired by nature itself.

The Three Core Tenets of Permaculture:

  • Care for the Earth: We prioritize the well-being of the Earth and its diverse life systems. Our actions aim to ensure their continuity and abundance, recognizing that a healthy planet is vital for human prosperity.
  • Care for the People: We strive to provide equitable access to resources necessary for human existence. Our commitment extends to fostering vibrant communities that support the well-being of all individuals.
  • Setting Limits to Population and Consumption: By consciously regulating our needs, we allocate resources in a manner that upholds the principles of permaculture. We emphasize the importance of recycling waste and practicing fair distribution, ensuring that surplus benefits are reinvested for the greater good.

ComunidadThrough our engagement with schools, communities, and various sectors, we actively promote collaborative action to protect our resources, both locally and globally. We conduct presentations, discussions, and field trips that foster a deep understanding of sustainability and regenerative practices. By implementing outdoor edible classrooms, litter control initiatives, and resource management discussions, we inspire individuals to take personal responsibility for their environment.

In this critical juncture in history, it is essential to recognize the fragility of our planet. Comunidad strives to beautify our community while nurturing personal responsibility. We engage participants through action-learning models, empowering them to improve their world by educating themselves and their neighbors on sustainable principles. We measure our progress and success through tangible results, photography, video interviews, and collectible data, showcasing the transformative impact we create.

Furthermore, we believe in empowering individuals to create business opportunities within their communities. By transforming waste into commodities and profit, we not only provide healthy alternatives but also promote economic growth. We utilize vacant land in food desert communities, converting them into food forests that benefit the surrounding community, its resources, and wildlife.

ComunidadThrough our comprehensive programs, we garner exposure through local newspapers, radio, and multimedia channels. We share our experiences, videos, and data with the public through school presentations, collaboration with partnering agencies, and web communications. Large gatherings, such as festivals, farm tours, and community events, serve as platforms to showcase our projects and their impact. By leading by example, we inspire others to embrace sustainability and foster a brighter future for all.

Experience the transformative power of permaculture at Comunidad. Join us on this journey of ecological harmony, personal growth, and community empowerment. Together, we can create a sustainable and regenerative world for generations to come.

Scott serves as a consultant offering advice and expertise with permaculture Principles, Ethics and Sustainability.

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